New Authors

Promove is available to all who desire to publish a book with the best cost/benefits in the market. Here, authors can complete all parts of the editing process (editing, cover art and design, interior formatting, digital and virtual proofing, and ISBN registration), printing, and finishing, all in one place! We offer total security and assurance of a full service, in-house publishing company ensuring the best experience to any new author.


The content of your book will pass through spelling and grammatical revisions. Everything that should be modified within the context will be presented to the author for approval. Only after the author’s approval will modifications and the text be sent through the formatting and interior design process.

Interior Design

After editing revisions, the interior design process of your book begins. Formatting is where your book takes on a personality. We specialize in making sure that this process is done with the utmost excellence so that the reader would find delight in reading your book.

Cover Design

The time to design the cover of your dreams has arrived! Yes, many authors have framed ideas for their respective book covers, ideas that are a dream to most. Whether it’s from memory or inspired by a life experience Promove, with years of knowledge and sensibility, employs technical expertise to capture with the author would like to put into production.


Your dream, your book, is on its way to becoming a reality! However, we would like to ensure that all the work that we’ve done has been done according to what you’ve always idealized. We make a virtual/digital model or proof before publishing. With your approval, we want to guarantee your dream becomes a reality through care, dedication and our high standards of professionalism.

ISBN Registration

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a numerical standard that was created with the objective to give unique identifiers to books. It is an imperative tool that the author will use to commercialize their work. Promove will act as an intermediary to register your book with its country specific ISBN agency to legitimize your publication.

Printing and Finishing

Finally, your book is ready to go to press. After choosing the type of substrate and various finishing options, your dream has now become a reality. There’s absolute satisfaction in admiring the perfect state your book is in after the process is done! You dreamed it, visualized it, and it happened!